Indian National Table Soccer Team which is selected/shortlisted by FTSI Selection Commission, competes in international competition against other nations from all over the world. The team is further classified into five classifications: –
Junior’s; Men’s; Women’s; Senior & Disabled Category – all of which compete regularly (depends on the availability of players in the particular category). The team includes some of the top players of the India.

Currently Indian National Table Soccer Team participates in one of the most competitive/prestigious ITSF World Championships & World Cup. Matches are streamed live over the internet, with commentary from experienced players and analysts. Soon the team will be participating in the five major table-specific ITSF World Series events: Tornado, Roberto Sport, Leonhart, Bonzini & Garlando in a season.

Players for Indian National Table Soccer Team which has been selected/shortlisted by the FTSI Selection Commission on the basis of merit & performance, for the ITSF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS & WORLD CUP which is going to be held in Spain in July 2019.
– Yash Arora                   – Ish Mishra
– Lakshay Mahajan      – Ansh Jachak
– Harshit Bhadula
– Sheen Bhayana         – Tenzing Dickey
– Ayushi Uniyal            – Divya Sharma
– Caren Rao                  – Palak Bhardwaj
– Devashish Raj           – Mankeerat Singh
– Yuvraj Dwevedi        – Mohit Singh
– Navdeep Singh         – Arshad Mohammad

Back in the year 2018, the official Indian National Table Soccer Team participated in the Malaysian Open 2018. The team was comprised of the following outstanding National Champions:

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Indian National Table Soccer Team 2018
  • Sheen Bhayana
  • Yash Arora
  • Tenzing Dickey
  • Mankeerat Singh
  • Lakshay Mahajan
  • Arshad Mohammad