Tournament Sponsorship

There are numerous opportunities for sponsorship of major Table Soccer (Foosball) tournaments, both at National and International level. Please contact us directly for further details and for the benefits.

Indian National Team Sponsorship

There are many national and international events held throughout the year, including the World Championships on each different type of table, and a World Cup every 2 years, where the top players from each country in the world gather for the World Championship and World Cup.

The FTSI selects a Indian National Table Soccer Team of highly talented players to compete on the world stage in a wide range of disciplines, including Junior events.

Sponsoring our national team is a fantastic way to achieve significant media and social media exposure and ability to get in touch with the ultimate customers. Sponsoring our National team therefore provides excellent value for money. Costs are for travel, accommodation, and national team kit. It varies & depends on the location and the timing of the event. Part Sponsorship or Sponsorship of individual players or teams for specific events are also welcome.
For more information on sponsorship options and benefits please contact us.


As Federation of Table Soccer, India (FTSI) is non-profit organisation which also incurs substantial running costs – in particular associated with the running of our website, office, staff, the promotion of events, and the supply and availability of high-quality tables for tournaments.
Sponsoring the National Federation (FTSI) or Advertising on our web site will ensure we can continue to provide exceptional service to our members, players and public in general. In return you can receive the benefits of promoting your brand or Table Soccer (foosball) related product or service to us. Our site is the focal point of the Indian Table Soccer Community and has excellent page rankings on all major search engines. For example those looking for Table Soccer(Foosball) to buy tables or other products often come to the FTSI’s website as their first port of call. .

Please contact us through the Email or by using our online contact form for more information.